I do agree with this, and yet, as a QLD supporter, i actually think NSW have done a better job selecting their SOO game 2 squad than we have.

Cobbo scored twice in the first game, scored twice against Newcastle, played 80 minutes and...is overlooked? For Coates?

Given the fact the kicking game for the blues wont be much different to when Cleary was at 7, our ability to ruck the ball out of our own 20 is a significant problem. Oates for me was the pick here..

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Well Cobbo is out with a hip pointer so not overlooked.

Agree though Oates or Phil Sami was the pick over Coates, who has been ordinary this year.

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Wierd, so a hip pointer that only flares up in a maroons jersey? I mean, he played fine for his club side...oh well, im sure Slater has his reasons for overlooking him.

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