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If you’re anything like me, you’re an absolute fiend for thoughtful and introspective rugby league coverage. Sadly, the fall of mainstream rugby league coverage means the back pages are now littered with blithering tales of war chests and secret meetings rather than anything of real substance.

I’ve wanted to have a specific rugby league project for some time now, especially after the positive reception on a few pieces I wrote on the mothership site during last season.

The NRL’s Wheel of Misfortune

My Family Means More: Brian To’o and the Eligibility Debate

The Duality of Moran

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There’ll also be sporadic bonus editions as issues arise, like a #crackdown on hip drops or Jack Wighton signing for South Sydney.

Maybe further down the line I’ll move to a committed two posts per week, but for now let’s not stretch ourselves too thin.

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